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Expressing Libido

October 7-8, 2017• Palm Springs CA
Doran George, PhD

This is a new introductory workshop from Body Electric designed to encourage you to move beyond any physical self-consciousness toward your dynamic erotic potential. It will be particularly appealing to lovers of dance.

In individual and group movement exercises you will enhance your erotic experience, and with sensual-erotic touch you will stimulate expression of your own and other’s libido.

Together we will recover our bodies’ natural pleasure in moving and thereby enhance our physical sensory awareness, which in turn we will connect to breath and erotic energy and ultimately emotional and even spiritual experience.

As you learn to express and build the libido through moving, you will surpass limiting ideas you carry about yourself that are locked into your physiology. Thus empowering yourself erotically, you will gain a greater sense of bodily self-possession.

In movement and bodywork techniques, as well as verbal exchanges, you will work individually, in partners, and as a group, cultivating personal vitality by building a community together that is welcoming and encouraging.

All bodies are welcome, regardless of any physical injury, disability or limitation, and the workshop is designed for all levels of experience in movement practice from complete beginners to those with a regular physical practice.

PREREQUISITE: No previous experience in dance is required, but participants must be open to trying new things, be open to nudity (this is a clothing optional workshop), and be able to engage in mutual touch. Completion of CBE is not necessary for this workshop.



  • $50 off if PAID IN FULL 4 WEEKS prior
  • $100 off for the YOUTH PROGRAM for those under 30 (use code YOUTH100)
  • 15% off for CalComm Men (California Community of Men). Use code CALCOMMen.



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