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Touching The Heart of Stillness


A Contemplative/Erotic Retreat for Men Who Love Men

Combining Body Electric’s tradition of honoring erotic wisdom with ancient meditation and silence teachings, this retreat’s goal is to begin or deepen a meditation practice, and within this context, to explore subtle and rich aspects of erotic pleasure and touch. It’s time to slow down and get to know the body, mind, and heart in fresh ways.

The workshop is modeled on an intensive meditation retreat, with hours each day dedicated to the instruction and practice of sitting and walking meditation.   We spend much of our time honoring a commitment to “noble silence,” which allows the mind to quiet so that we may delve more deeply into the benefits and mystery of shared silence.

Each morning features instruction in various stillness practices, including mindfulness meditation, metta (loving-kindness), and yoga.   Afternoon sessions integrate these practices with the realms of intentional touch and eros.  All touch sessions are guided and facilitated in an atmosphere grounded in nurturing, mutual respect.

Participants should be familiar with, or interested in developing, a meditative practice. No prior experience is needed, either with meditation or with Body Electric. Beginners and experienced meditators alike will find this a rare opportunity to explore stillness, contemplation, and touch amid a brotherhood of open-hearted, loving men.

Steve Schwartzberg, Ph.D., brings years of meditation and retreat practice to this unique synthesis of Buddhist principles and erotic vitality.

The workshop begins with dinner on Monday evening and ends with lunch on Sunday  at the  Bodhi Manda Zen Center in Jemez Springs, NM (http://www.bmzc.org).

Prerequisite: None, although if you have not done any Body Electric work please contact us at info@thebodyelectricschool.com .

WORKSHOP FEE: $1745 Double; $1945 Single


$100 off YOUTH DISCOUNT for those under 30




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