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Code of Ethics

  1. The work of The Body Electric School is sacred. We agree that as leaders of this organization, we act as stewards for all who attend our workshops.
  2. We agree to honor the presence and respect the dignity of all participants as our brothers and sisters of the universe.
  3. We agree, in the course of our work, to build, secure, and maintain a safe container so that all who journey into this experience will feel protected and free to participate without fear of inappropriate exploitation, abuse, transgression, innuendo or being placed in a position of risk.
  4. We agree to hold confidential all knowledge of participants, their experiences, comments, or reactions.
  5. For those of us who have related practices, we agree that we will not be unduly coercive in promoting these practices for those who are in a vulnerable place.
  6. We agree to support this Code by having heightened awareness at all times of our own and other staff’s behaviors. We further agree to report any violations to the faculty in charge so that they may be addressed and rectified immediately.
  7. We agree to abide by the 60-Day Rule. This rule prohibits any sexual interaction between staff and participants for 60 days after a workshop. This rule is to ensure that participants have a safe, clear space to do their work. Exceptions to this rule are as follows:

       • A pre-existing sexual relationship.
       • Contracting for Sacred Intimate work or Tantra Coaching/Instruction. The sexual contact in either of these contexts is for the length of session/sessions, and does not take place out of negotiated session time. Also see #5 in the code of ethics.

  8. We agree to insure that this Code is upheld by all who staff a workshop or program by asking for their consent to this Code prior to commencement of all workshops or programs.
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