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Frequently Asked Questions about The Body Electric School….

1. What exactly is Body Electric?

For 30 years, The Body Electric School has provided expert and innovative education in a safe and inclusive environment providing participants access to being fully transparent and loving.  Body Electric is commited to expanding people’s understanding of the role that sexuality can play in their personal and spiritual lives.

Via a structured series of workshops, Body Electric’s programs support individuals in aligning their sensuality, sexuality, spirituality, sexual expression, and erotic energy.

The ultimate goal is wellness and fulfillment.  Participants will leave a workshop feeling honored and at home in their bodies.

The workshops are conducted by trained professionals in safe, secure, clean environments.  Body Electric has its roots in eastern traditions such as Tantra and Taoism.


2.  What is “Tantra”?  Explain Tantra to a dummy. 

Tantra is the weaving of consciousness and erotic energy in the body. This science uses principles and practices that build on each other for greater depth of learning and understanding.  A beginning student will be taught simple structures that can exponentially transform their motions of breath, touch, contact with others.  Tantra brings alive the healing power of pleasure.


3. Why do you call it a “school”? 

Because we teach.   We teach technique and we teach ways of freeing the mind and body from constrictions on erotic energy.  We teach modes of thinking about eroticism, and we teach ways of forming community with our fellow human beings.  With able faculty, we guide learning in a loving and tender way.


4. Is this therapy? 

No.  Though many who have attended our workshops call it “therapeutic”, we do not define programs of The Body Electric School as therapy.


5. Isn’t Body Electric only for people with sexual problems?

Body Electric is a place to explore your erotic energy and sensuality in the company of others.  It is to expand your erotic capacity.  This offers the opportunity to mend erotic wounds, replace sex habits that don’t serve you, and to learn about your body.  If you have any concerns, you are welcome to discuss them with the workshop coordinator or Body Electric’s Registrar.


6. Can I attend alone or do I need a partner?

Body Electric offers workshops for both couples and individuals.  Couples are welcome at all workshops and can choose to work exclusively together in all the diad structures.


7. I am interested, but afraid I am not going to be sexually attracted to the other participants at the workshops.  Is that a good reason to not sign up?

First of all, you will discover that there is more than appearance to attraction. That is part of what we teach. In addition, the workshop is not about sexual attraction but exploring one’s own inner erotic spirit and discovering its potential.


8.  Is there alcohol?

No alcohol, no drugs, no sex before or during workshops.  We also discourage prescription medications if possible that might affect sexual potential (e.g., Viagra).


9. What do I do if I see someone I know?

Say hello!


10. There are so many programs!  How do I decide what to do? 

Introductory workshops must be taken as pre-requisites before any other workshops.  Please look at the “Events” Tab for more information and descriptions of each workshop.


11. Do you actually have a physical place? Where does Body Electric operate? 

We have operated our workshops all over the United States, and Canada in fact. We practice our workshops in quiet, clean and safe studios.  Sometimes, we practice at spiritual retreat centers in various locations


12. Have people found boyfriend/significant others at the school?

Yes.  Moreover, some very deep and lasting friendships have been formed.


13. Who can I talk to about this?

We recommend you talk to the Registrar or one of our local coordinators.  Any one of those individuals will be more than happy to speak with you and answer any questions.


14. Do you offer continuing education credits?



15. I have limited income.  Are there scholarships available?

Yes.  Speak first with the workshop coordinator to find out if there are any funds available to assist your registration.  In addition, a scholarship fund has been created and managed by an independent committee.  Their decisions are rendered quarterly so be sure to sign up well in advance.  See the website for more information.


16.Do you accept non-US Credit Cards?

Our credit-card processing service normally does not accept cards from outside the US.  Alternatives include PayPal or bank transfer.  Please contact us should this be necessary. Checks or bank drafts may also be sent to PO Box 724326, Atlanta GA 30327 noting your workshop and dates.  We discourage cash payments.


17. What if I chicken out? 

Please take a look at our Policy Statement.


18. I thought the programs were only for gay men; do you have programs for women?

Yes, the organize has it’s roots in classes for men, and in the years it has expanded to program for women, mixed gendered and all genders.


19.  I am a trans man.  Am I welcome at men’s workshops?

At The Body Electric School, we believe everyone should have the oportunity to do this work.  In response to requests from the trans and gender-fluid community, we created a new workshop in 2011 entitled Outside the Boxes: Celebrating the Queer Body Erotic.  Since then we have recruited our first trans man faculty member and have a workshop welcoming cis and trans men together for the first time in October 2014.  See here for more informatino.  In addition, all Tantra 1 for Men workshops welcome trans men.


20.  You have a workshop on breath.  Why?

Breathwork is the biggest modality used to open up pathways that may be blocked in the body. It is incorporated into virtually all of our programs. The breath workshop we have goes much deeper to learn how to incorporate a breath practice into one’s life for added benefit.  The faculty is one of the country’s leading experts on breath.

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