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Celebrating the Body Erotic 2

When you completed Celebrating the Body Erotic, you began a journey exploring the pleasure and power of Eros. CBE 2 is your next step. Participants learn new ways to connect, savor touch and breath and discover the power of human energy!

Our weekend together will:

  • Cultivate your ability to give and to receive through deeper listening to your body especially through the more subtle senses.
  • Integrate erotic energy into life in new ways
  • Learn new ways to awaken the body’s energy through breath
  • Begin exploration of anal pleasure through skillful touch particularly through listening to the wisdom of the anus and the exquisite care it warrants.

And as with any Body Electric event, the weekend offers the opportunity to join the community of men in ways that delight the body and renew the spirit in a safe, supportive environment. Take your next step and give yourself the gift that can enrich your life!


Prerequisite: Celebrating the Body Erotic


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