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Erotic Temple

June 10-16, 2019 • Wildwood (Guerneville, CA)

with Steve Schwartzberg & William McMeniman

Join us as we delve further into the mysteries, delights, and life-affirming power of sacred Eros. Our explorations start from a pair of simple yet profoundly rich questions:

1. What, to each of us, is sacred?

2. How can we bring this more fully into our lives?

Building on the integrity, safety, and edginess you have come to expect from Body Electric, Erotic Temple combines communal erotic celebrations with rituals, tribal energy, meditative self-pleasure, full-bodied stimulation, erotic touch and creative holistic worship, along with journaling, camaraderie, play, and immersion in nature’s beauty. Look to deepen the connections of heart, Eros, psyche, and soul already forged. Amid a fellowship of open-hearted comrades, this is a great opportunity to learn more about the innate wisdom of the erotic body, and the human yearning for spiritual transcendence.

This is a residential workshop at Wildwood about one hour north of San Francisco.

The workshop begins with dinner on Monday evening and ends with lunch on Sunday.

PREREQUISITE: Dear Love of Comrades, Touching the Heart of Stillness or Healing the Wounded Healer

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