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Into the Valley of Delight

One of the best-kept secrets in our culture is the joy of quality anal touch.

This retreat offers the perfect opportunity to enhance sensual communication and appreciate your entire body…and become even more skilled as a lover. By learning more about anal touch, you’ll learn more about pleasure, delight and touch in all areas of the body.

We will use gentle sensual and erotic massage to explore “pelvic pleasure principles” and develop a more advanced language of touch, including the ability to relax, tantalize and enchant. This work is done in a hygienic manner that is safe, always accepting and never judgmental or coercive.

Participants will learn to give and receive exquisite massage that wakes up the entire anal region. There will be opportunity to learn prostate massage, erotic spanking and other techniques that can be used to explore the many sensations available but perhaps not yet discovered in this rich region of the human body.

This intensive extends and develops some of the themes found in Celebrating the Body Erotic: opening the self to greater erotic awareness, developing sensitivity in the respectful touching of others and enhancing capacity for mutuality and intimacy.

Men who are discovering or reclaiming anal eroticism will find this week to be a safe and empowering learning experience. Men who already experience their anal region as a major pleasure zone will learn more about the ways in which the integrated facets of this important part of the erotic body function. You are welcome whether you are already familiar with anal pleasure or whether this is new to you.

All participants will learn not only important pleasuring techniques but also key clues to personal prostate health, respectful hygienic anal eroticism and a more inclusive self-awareness.

PREREQUISITE:  This program is open to men who are graduates of Celebrating the Body Erotic.

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