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Thank you for your interest in the Body Electric School Scholarship Program.  The School is committed to providing access to its programs to as many individuals as possible, and this program contributes to that commitment. Through the generous contributions of previous participants, the School is able to provide much needed financial assistance to worthy individuals who are seeking to pursue their personal development through the program.

Please note that scholarship applications are reviewed at the end of each quarter.  Please anticipate your need allowing sufficient time for processing and review.

Statement of intent

Please note that the intent of this program is for individuals who seek to extend their learning but are encountering economic or financial difficulties; it is not meant for individuals seeking discounts for cost savings or other means.

Program basics (Terms and conditions)

    1. Administration, faculty, coordinators, contractors, and service providers engaged in an existing business relationship with the Body Electric School are not eligible to apply for scholarship funds.
    2. Eligible applicants (see #1 above) are invited to apply for a scholarship, which consists of 1) filling out the information below, and  2) clicking on the “Submit” button.
    3. Your confirmation of receipt of your application will be immediate; you will receive a notification on the results web page that your application has been received. If you need proof of submission, please print out the results screen.
    4. All applications are forwarded immediately to the Scholarship Awards Committee. Please note that Body Electric School administration, faculty, staff, coordinators do not participate in the decision-making process for awards.The committee is an autonomous committee comprised of long-standing persons from the BE community.
    5. The committee meets four times a year, to determine distribution of awards.  Only selected recipients will be notified when they have been selected for an award, and the amount, on or by March 31, June 30, September 30, and December 31 (each quarter). No other applicants will be notified at that time.
    6. The award issued will consist of a credit applied against the base fee (excluding discounts) for any eligible workshop or intensive offered by The Body Electric School.
    7.   If you receive notification of an award, your scholarship will only apply towards the workshop listed on your application.  If you do not enroll in the workshop at least four weeks prior to the workshop date or you do not attend or complete the workshop, the scholarship will be returned to the scholarship fund for redistribution to other eligible participants.
    8. If a workshop is canceled, you must notify the scholarship committee of your intention to return the scholarship or request the scholarship be applied to a similar workshop held on a different date.  The scholarship will expire on the awarded workshop date unless the Scholarship Committee has approved its use towards another workshop.
    9. All applications received will remain active and will be considered for awards through the intended workshop date listed on the application.  For example, if you submit an application in January of 2016 for a workshop held in July 2016, your application will be considered through June 2016 (the end of the second quarter review cycle).
    10. If you are awarded a scholarship and choose not to use the award, you are asked to email the Scholarship Committee (scholarships@b-e-school.com) of your intention so the scholarship can be returned to the scholarship fund for redistribution to other eligible participants.  You will be eligible to reapply for another scholarship in the next calendar year.
    11. All scholarship applications are deleted after the workshop date listed on the application has passed, so you are encouraged to resubmit your application for another workshop after that date.
    12. In no case will an award amount equal the full cost of any program; the recipient is expected to make some financial commitment to their learning.
    13. No individual may receive more than one scholarship in a calendar year.  Scholarship recipients are invited to apply for funds beginning in the first calendar year after they have either: 1) used their funds, or 2) their eligibility to use awarded funds has expired.
    14. All awarding decisions made by the Scholarship Committee are final.
    15. By submitting your application to The Body Electric School Scholarship Fund, you acknowledge your acceptance of all of these terms and conditions.
(rev. 7/14/15)


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Scholarships Form

Workshop Information
Workshop Nameprovide the name of the workshop which you are applying for
Workshop Locationprovide the location of the workshop which you are applying for
Workshop Dateof the workshop which you are applying for
Personal Information
Full NamePlease enter your full name
Phone numberPlease enter your phone number
Best time to callPlease let us know when would be a good time to contact you by phone if we have questions
Address 1Please enter your full address
Address 2
Occupation or Student InformationPlease let us know what your occupation is, or if you are a student
EducationPlease provide additional information regarding your education
What is your knowledge of The Body Electric School and the value of its workshops?
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What value do you hope to gain from a Body Electric School workshop?
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What would your intention be as a participant if you were awarded a scholarship to a Body Electric School workshop?
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Please list any workshops,seminars or teachings you have done in the area of personal growth and discovery.
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What inspires you?
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If you have benefited from the work of The Body Electric School, please consider a donation to allow others this opportunity. To make a donation, please visit this link and specify that you wish to make your donation for scholarships. You can make one-time donations, or contribute an amount monthly, quarterly, or annually. You can also designate your contribution in honor of or in memory of an individual.

Donations accepted through this form can be made through credit card, debit card, or through ACH (Automated Clearing House) transaction, using your bank name, bank account number, and routing number.

If you wish to donate in another form, please send an email message to admin@b-e-school.com and indicate your desire to contribute, all relevant contact information, and the form of your contribution. You will be contacted by a representative to make arrangements.

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